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8 Ways To Promote Affiliate Links (With Examples)

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Disclosure: I earn a commission from Canva if you use my referral link to purchase or upgrade to Canva Pro at no added cost to you. Thanks for your support. 

8 Ways To Promote Affiliate Links (With Examples)

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Are you struggling to commercialize affiliate links on your blog? Do you need to know where to go for affiliate programs that fit the layout of your blog? Sure, affiliate links are a great source of income, and many content creators use them. Affiliate links are not swapping links, and wait to see if you get a commission from it. That way is not going to work at all. You have to understand the offer, what the purpose is, and how to use it.

The affiliate link offer should be customer-oriented. There are 8 ways to promote affiliate links on your blog. Are you ready to learn?

Let’s go.

Video offers. 

Some content creators are putting their offers into a video and promoting them. Actually, the description is the correct spot for it when you start out. 

Video description with affiliate links
Example: My video offers a description with affiliate links


A common way to promote affiliate links is to use step-by-step tutorials to your advantage. If you have an affiliate link for a particular tool that your community would like to know more about, make a video or blog post showing users how it works. 

This allows them to see the product in action, but it shows them that you use it and that it does what you claim it does. One of the most-searched-for things on YouTube is tutorials. This is a great way to increase your audience and lead people to your affiliate link.


Resources blog post (roundup post).

One of the most forgotten mistakes that affiliate marketers neglect is making a blog post. That covers full of helpful tips or discounts so that your readers and other interested parties gain an advantage.

It seems that the payoff is low, but the traffic is high. That can help your affiliate strategy also with commercializing it.



Email campaigns.

Sometimes you get an email that states that you get a deal of a lifetime. I don’t get in those deals because I cannot discern that offer.

Sending out emails to your blog subscribers means that you must already have an audience. Creating an email sign-up form on your website is a good starting point.

Your newsletter serves several functions. It is a way to build a relationship with your readers, distribute your blog content, and promote your affiliate products. In that order, preferably.

Getting a visitor to sign up for your newsletter means that your emails should at least share useful content.

And if possible, they should also provide perks such as your own exclusive guides that are not published online or special deals on your affiliate products.

If you decide to create a sequence of emails that you send to each new subscriber, maybe do not place any affiliate links on the first email. Build trust first.

If you start sending a monthly newsletter, the one affiliate link per newsletter is probably enough promotion.

Example of an email campaign with affiliate links
Example of an email campaign with affiliate links


Did you know how what a banner link is? It is an image that is made for your blog.

When a user clicks the banner image, the user goes directly to the site with that offer. I use impact to get an affiliate program.

Impact Affiliate

In my video, I show you how easy it is to add banner ads to WordPress with Impact. To Add Impact Affiliate Links To WordPress

Social media.

If you have a social media account, place your affiliate links in the descriptions and share them. If you don’t have a large following, then put it in any way.

Video tips.

Using videos is a great way to promote content. It is easier to digest for your readers also, people remember video content 90% more than text.

This number is too big to ignore if necessary, hire someone who can make videos for you.

Source: InVideo.

Need A Video? Contact To Hire (Only$50) video from Canva | Get Canva Pro Today use Canva Pro for my designs | Get Canva Pro 30 days free

Some content you want to link as a trustworthy source to get more info. In a way, you help spread links and other content – if you have enough backlinks can help your PageRank and the search traffic.

Linking means you help to promote content that is not yours.

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