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We Are Litchmill

Chapter 1

Our Mission

Litchmill is dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products, and a commitment to excellent service. With the aim of becoming the worlds first multi e-Book platform which allows you to post one to 1 site and we then post to a further 15 e-Book venders with more than 500+ million users and in return we take a 30% commission and translate your e-Book to over a further 10 languages allowing you to have even further coverage.

Chapter 2


With the use of the Litchmill service you are able to streamline your book services and not only list in one central dashboard with a streamline e-Book vendor service but you can learn white label and drop ship your books to customers allowing you to create a whole production cycle with your books being not only our e-Book and other sites it will also facilitate any printing you wish to do, allowing you to focus on writing and producing 100% unique content, which can be loved by millions.

Chapter 3

Potential Earnings

You can expect to earn a considerable sum by using our e-Book service which is 100% FREE.



We empower authors, creators, and employees to support local and global communities through a unified process allowing you to not only meet other authors and writers but you can also directly view other writers blogs within our platform.



We offer the ability to streamline the production service in which we will print and distribute your books and provide you a 100% reliable service.

All production is non refundable as long it matches all details and no quality details.


e-Book Sales

Expect to price you books at a good rate to reflect your writing and genre.

You will have deductions from e-book platform but we will only take 30% of the final net value in return we will handle the process of management and language translations to make sure your book is viewed by millions.




The average author on our site should expect to earn on each book so thats why we recommend our authors to launch a new book around every 60 days to maximise earnings.

You will earn an ongoing life long royalty in which will be passive income and you should expect to see considerable returns with the right story.


Chapter 4

Looking for Investors

We are focused on ensuring everyone benefits from Litchmill publishing house that is why we are always looking for new ways to help people and if you believe you have any creative ideas drop us a message.

That is why 5% of all our Profit will go into providing Free e-Books to education and charity services throughout the UK to support further development.