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Knowledge Base / Global Distribution Print Exclusions

Global Distribution Print Exclusions

Modified on: May 28, 2022

Litchmill’s Global Distribution service makes your book available through retail sites using Amazon and Ingram Content Group. To be eligible for Global Distribution, you must meet our Distribution Requirements.

In addition to our Requirements, you must select product specifications (paper, ink, size, etc.) the retail distributor can offer through their print-on-demand network. To help you select the right format for your book, start with our master list of distribution eligible products.

This guide details the different paper, weight, ink, binding, and size options. It’s important to pay careful attention to the EXCLUDED specifications. Some sets of products are eligible for Amazon and not Ingram. Others are accepted by Ingram and not Amazon.

Refer to this table for the unique specifications that are EXCLUDED from each distributor, based on the book size.

Excluded Product Specs

Book FormatAmazon ExclusionsIngram Exclusions
Pocket BookColor & 80# PaperNone
DigestColor & 80# PaperLinen & CasewrapNone
A5Color & 80# PaperLinen & CasewrapNone
US TradeColor & 80# PaperLinen & CasewrapNone
RoyalColor & 80# PaperLinen & CasewrapNone
Comic BookAllNone
ExecutiveColor & 80# PaperCasewrap60# Cream Paper
Crown QuartoColor & 80# Paper60# Cream Paper
Small SquareNoneAll
A4Color & 80# Paper60# Cream Paper
US LetterColor & 80# PaperCasewrap60# Cream Paper
SquareColor & 80# PaperCasewrap60# Cream Paper

Notes About Exclusions

Because of the wide range of papers, inks, bindings, and sizes we offer, retailers are unable to list all the product specifications Litchmill can print. Litchmill makes your project available only if it meets all requirements and utilizes product specifications eligible for that retailer.

Amazon’s Exclusions

Books using 80# paper are ineligible for Amazon’s distribution services. Their print facilities are unable to use comparable paper. 

Full Color options are available for some products using 60# (though we generally do NOT recommend full-color printing on 60# paper). 

Amazon does not accept ANY hardcover products. That includes all Linen Wrap with Dust Jacket and Casewrap binding.

Important Note: Projects meeting all distribution requirements for Ingram may still be distributed by Ingram, to Amazon’s marketplace.

Ingram’s Exclusions

For some paperback sizes and bindings, Ingram does not offer 60# Cream Paper.

Ingram does not accept coloring books, journals, diaries, or books with many blank or lined pages.

Global Distribution Availability

When you publish a project with a valid ISBN and meet all distribution requirements, we send your project’s metadata and files to Amazon and Ingram. These distributors make the final decision about whether or not to list your project. 

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