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Knowledge Base / Publishing a Print Book For Global Distribution

Publishing a Print Book For Global Distribution

Modified on: May 28, 2022


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Here is how to create a Print Book to sell using our Global Distribution service with retail channels such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram/LSI.

Go to Create > Print Books and click the Start Your Print Book button to begin creating your book.


Select a Product Type: All Print Product Types are available for distribution with some format and trim size restrictions. Available sizes will depend on selected print/distribution goal and be noted by a small green icon:

Select a Goal

Your goal determines how you’ll sell your book. For distribution purposes, choose Publish Your Book. This allows your book to be sold on the Litchmill Bookstore and via our Global Distribution channels such as Amazon and INGRAM/LSI.

Publish Your Book

  • Litchmill Bookstore: Sell your book on the Litchmill Bookstore.
  • Global Distribution: Sell your book online and major book retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).
  • Litchmill Direct: Sell your Book on your website or ecommerce store

Book Details

  • Project Title: The Project Title does not have to exactly match the book title itself. For example, if you are publishing your book in multiple formats, Project Title can specify which version you are working on (My Book Title Hardcover Edition, for example). The Project Title is used only for organizing your projects on your My Projects page.
  • Language: You will be limited to languages that are eligible for Distribution on the Start step after selecting the goal Global Distribution. Metadata (Title, Author, etc.) fields must be in a Latin-script language when submitting. Eligible French language books are distributed via Hachette Livre instead of the standard INGRAM/LSI channel. French titles are still eligible for direct Amazon distribution.
  • Book Category: This selection is optional and applies to your Litchmill Bookstore listing. Select general book category/genre. More specific codes will be selected at BISAC selection stage and improve discoverability of your titles.


Title and Edition

  • Title and Subtitle (subtitle is optional): The title and sub-title are metadata fields and are locked to the ISBN once approved for Global Distribution. Title and subtitle in metadata must match title and subtitle on the cover and title page exactly, or the book will be rejected by retail channels.
  • Edition/Edition Statement (both optional): Selecting an Edition, such as Illustrated Edition, Student Edition, etc. helps differentiate between different versions of the same/similar text.


  • Select Role: Select a role for the primary contributor (author, illustrated by, etc.).
  • First Name/Last Name: The first and last name must match your cover/title page.
  • Add Another Contributor: Repeat the above steps for any additional contributors. Depending on the distribution channel, there may be restrictions on how many contributors will be listed on that channel.

Select the correct copyright type for your book.


Note: This is required for Global Distribution.

  • Use a Free ISBN: These are provided by Litchmill at no cost to you. Once a proof copy is purchased and approved, the ISBN is assigned to book indefinitely. If the book is not published, the ISBN is reserved for six months. If you choose to retire your book and move to a different publisher, we cannot release a Litchmill-purchased ISBN, as they are assigned to Litchmill as a publisher. Choosing to use a Free ISBN by Litchmill identifies the Imprint of your book as Litchmill and cannot be changed.
  • I Have My Own ISBN: Use your own ISBN purchased from an ISBN agency such as Bowker or Nielsen. Since you own this ISBN, and it is assigned to your imprint, you can retire the book on Litchmill and have the ISBN transferred to a different publisher.
    • ISBN: Enter author-owned ISBN.
    • Imprint: Imprint/Publisher name assigned to ISBN. The Imprint/Publisher name cannot be Litchmill,, Litchmill Press, or Litchmill Publishing Services
    • Contact Information: Name, address, and phone number of Publisher/Imprint owner. This information must match what is on record with the ISBN Agency that the ISBN was purchased from. 


Interior File Upload

Select and Upload your interior PDF. Refer to our Book Creation Guide for PDF specifications.

Book Specifications

Select the color and paper for your interior, and the binding and finish for your cover. Note that if an option is unavailable for your Book size, it will not be available in this step.

  • Book Size and Page Count: The book size and page counts are based on the PDF file you upload. In some cases, you have to select the trim size from options in dropdown menu. Options are based on the interior file you uploaded and trim sizes available in Global Distribution.
  • Interior Color: Select B&W Standard, B&W Premium, Color Standard, or Color Premium for your interior file. Your cover is always printed using Premium Color.
  • Paper Type: For Premium ink, we suggest the heavier 80# paper. For more economical options, use Standard ink and the 60# paper weight.
  • Book Binding: Only options that fit your product size and page count will be available to select.
    • Hardcover: Casewrap hardcover. Eligible only for Ingram/LSI distribution.
    • Paperback: Perfect bound paperback. Eligible for all distribution channels (may vary by trim size).
    • Linen Wrap: Dustjacket hardcover. Eligible only for Ingram/LSI distribution.
  • Cover Finish: Glossy or Matte.

Design Your Cover: Options are to upload your own PDF or create using Litchmill’s cover design tool. Either way, Title and Author Name on front cover must match Title and Author Name in your metadata. The ISBN on back cover must match ISBN in your metadata.

  • Create a Cover: Use Litchmill’s tools to create a cover file on the site. Multiple templates are available.
  • Upload a Cover: Use the provided cover template to create a cover with all required specifications.
  • Cover Creator Powered by Canva – Beta: Use Canva to create a Cover for your Book.


Project Details

  • Description: Your project’s description will appear on book listing on Litchmill Bookstore and with retailers. Your description must be at least 50 characters.
  • Categories and Keywords: Be as specific as possible with categories and keywords, as they will help potential customers find your book, based on their searches/interests.
    • Litchmill Bookstore Category: Select a broad genre for book. This determines where the book is categorized on the Litchmill Bookstore.
    • BISAC Main Category: You must choose at least one BISAC category. BISAC is a standardized system used by booksellers, libraries, etc. to categorize books as specifically as possible.
    • Additional BISAC Selection: You can choose up to two additional BISAC codes. Selecting multiple BISAC codes is highly recommended to help readers find your book when searching online.
    • Keywords: Add keywords to help with search results for your book.
  • Audience: Defining your audience will further help searchers find your book.
    • Select an Audience: Select target age group or demographic
    • Explicit Content: If your book contains content that may be considered explicit, you should select a “warning” from the list we provide (sex, drugs, profanity, etc). This allows potential readers to make decisions based on content warnings. If a book with this content is published without this tag, it is likely to be rejected from distribution channels.

Pricing and Payees

Set a Retail Price

You can add and edit the price for all available channels. The list price for all currencies must cover print cost, Litchmill share, and distribution fees. You can set your price in 5 separate currencies, US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), and Australian Dollars (AUD).

Set Payees

Assign payees for your project.

  • Select an Existing Payee or Create a New Payee: Assign who will be paid when the book sells. 100% of payment can go to one person, or it can be divided among multiple contributors.


Review Your Book

Review each section for accuracy and confirm that your book is ready for publication.

  • Confirm: For each section, review details and confirm that this is correct.
  • Revise: If there are any changes that need to be made before ordering a proof copy, select the Revise button on the right side of the page in each section to review. Once you’ve made the necessary corrections, you can navigate back to the Review step.

Retail Options

Carefully review the retail section to be sure your project will be sent for review and listing with our retail partners.

  • Retail Distribution: Global Distribution should be checked.
  • Litchmill Bookstore: Select one option.
    • General Access: Make the book available for purchase by all customers immediately.
    • Select Access: Book can only be found and purchased on using a Direct URL link provided by author.
    • Private Access: The book will not appear for sale on the Litchmill Bookstore, and it can only be purchased by the author in the account.

Order Proof Copy

Complete checkout to order proof copy.

  • Review: Review your entire book for errors. This includes page layouts, misspellings, punctuation, etc. If you need to make any change to the cover or interior files, a new proof copy must be purchased and approved.

Approve for Distribution

Once you’ve reviewed your proof and are happy with it, you’ll need to approve your project to complete the distribution process.

Go to My Projects in your account. Find the project you want to approve and select Approve Proof Copy. Your book is now set to be sent to all eligible distribution channels.

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