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Litchmill Publishing Resources

Everything you need to create your book, publish like a pro, and market to your audience.

Everything you need to create your book, publish like a pro, and market to your audience.

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Book Pricing & Planning

Before you publish, you have to plan. Use our calculator to find print costs for different paper, ink, and binding options. Then get a bulk order estimate with shipping and see how much you can earn with your retail revenue planner. Over 3,000 authors already use our service – Its Free to integrate allowing you to make a passive income.

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Work For Litchmill

Want to work at Litchmill publishing house and set yourself up for a successful career? Not only do we offer a competitive salary, all of our positions are remote and require no commute. Allowing anyone in the world who wants to join our team are now able to. 18+ – Full English fluency required.

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Litchmill Blog

Check out our Blog which features success stories along with useful tips and knowledge. We have over 1000+ Articles which has helped us reach the number 1 spot on Google SEO. Please have a read and if found useful remember to share it with your friend’s and colleagues.

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Guides & Templates

Download free guides for all things publishing and a variety of free templates to start a book, journal, planner, and more! It will help Kickstart Your eBook journey.

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Knowledge Base

Details about Litchmill’s fulfilment and shipping, along with guidance to help you make you project perfect. This will constantly be updated so please check back every 90 days to stay up to date with all the information to help your journey.

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Litchmill Youtube Series

Check our Youtube series so you can keep up date with our journey and the latest tools and resources with available to help elevate your eBook journey with a tons of authors and exclusive content we recommended hitting that subscribe button to stay in the loop.

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A comprehensive list of terms related to writing, editing, designing, printing, publishing, selling, and marketing your book. This will help you understand all of our terms within our site.

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Author Toolkit

A collection of the best online tools and software for writing, creating, and selling your book, your way. Including formatting and how to videos which is all completely Free. Remember to check out our publishing page to get your eBook in front of the world.

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Contact Support

Can’t find the answers you need on our Blog, Knowledge Base, or Litchmill FAQ section? then simply Reach out to our dedicated support team for one-on-one assistance! Anything from uploading your eBook or integrating our white label solutions of printing and drop shipping. Then submit a ticket below.

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