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SEO With Rank Math: Dead Simple Guide For Bloggers

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What is SEO with Rank Math?

SEO with Rank Math means making your content SEO-friendly with the best tools, tips, and modules. 

Every blogger wants to beef up their blog content. Many bloggers are stuck in optimizing and don’t know where to look. 

You can outsource SEO works to a so-called SEO specialist in that process, the quality is low, and the payment is high.

With the WordPress plugin Rank Math, you have complete control of your SEO works. 

Yes, it takes some time, but that’s why I created this guide to save you time.

So sit back and relax as I guide you towards SEO success with Rank Math.

What is off-page SEO?

There are many definitions of it. To explain it the best way possible. It is the sharing of content to another website that has a rank.

There are several ways to share content, but your best choice is to go with someone familiar with SEO concepts and work fast.

So what is on-page SEO?

Every SEO activity on your page sites like link structure, tags, meta description, snippets, and many more.

Setting up for SEO with Rank Math on WordPress.

First, you have to search and install the Rank Math plugin.

Just type “RankMath” in the WordPress plugin search bar.

  1. Go to install a new plugin.
  2. Type Rank Math.
  3. Installing duration is about 3 minutes.
  4. Create a free account and connect to Rank Math.

Click start wizard (I choose advanced mode).

You will see the screen on your site: this is where you set up SEO with Rank Math options.

Answering what your site is about and adding related images will make your website look better.

Go ahead, save and continue.

Adding Google search console to analytics.

You need to have a Google account to begin adding. I choose the URL prefix, so I use HTTPS.

Validate the URL prefix (the right property), and Rank Math does the rest.

When you perform an SEO analysis. Check if you got your account linked to Rank Math.

SEO With Rank Math: Dead Simple Guide For Bloggers
Checking If Your Search Console Is Linke To Rank Math

Add sitemaps to Google Search Console.

Sitemaps are information files for Google Search Engine, so they can better crawl your site. Also, it helps to display your site better: in other words, you say hello search my content.

Where can you find your sitemap URL in Rank Math?

Sitemaps play a vital part in SEO with Rank Math. You can find the site in the sitemap section of the setup wizard.

Now it’s time to add it to your search console.

  1. Login.
  2. Go to sitemaps.
  3. Add a new sitemap.
  4. Copy-paste the sitemap URL.
  5. It must say success.
  6. You are done.
Adding your Sitemaps
Adding Your Sitemap In Google | Click the image to see it full-size

Optimization with Rank Math (SEO Tweaks)

This is how you want to display the links. These are my settings.

If you have passed the Rank Math plugin, I advise you to adopt my settings.

SEO With Rank Math: Dead Simple Guide For Bloggers
SEO Tweeks | Click the image to see it full-size

Now your site is ready for SEO

Click on the setup advanced options you will be taken to role manager. 

If you have a lot of writers, you can grant SEO access to them. If you don’t plan to have writers, then turn it off.

SEO With Rank Math: Dead Simple Guide For Bloggers
Your site is ready for SEO with Rank Math Click the image to see it full-size

404 monitor

This is an important step when your search console notice that you changed a page. It will appear as an error so you have to redirect it to the source URL.

Below you can see how to set up your redirects.

Schema Markup

Every blogger wants to have more traffic, well schema markup does it for you. To know more about schema markup go here.

My schema markup settings you can find them below. 

SEO With Rank Math: Dead Simple Guide For Bloggers
Schema Markup Settings | Click the image to see it full-size

Your Blogging SEO Score

First, you need to know the ranking factors. One of the most important parts is outgoing and internal linking, related keyword count, meta content.

When you know where to look for, then SEO is easy. 

So stick to the basics and later down the line fix the remains.

SEO Words
The basic of SEO with Rank Math
Title and content errors
SEO errors in your blog post you need to fix

Edit your snippet to boost your SEO score

The snippet is how the search engines see your content according to the description given to the content.

So the Google crawlers recognize it and put it in the correct place.

Because you have many competitors and others have higher CTR or Domain Authority. You will not always be in first place in the search results. 

But editing your snippet can work wonders for you, but be patient with SEO. 

Without a snippet you get a low SEO score and it might not rank.

A snippet plays a crucial part in how you present your content on your blog in search engines.

You can easily write your snippet and Rank Math leaves you in control. 

No SEO score edit snippet click
No SEO score | Edit snippet and Set Keywords
Edit snippet text
Edit snippet text

My snippet and SEO score for this blog

You will see how this blog post gains an almost near to perfect SEO score.

As I mentioned before Rank Math gives you the control to handle SEO tasks yourself.

If you like to control your budget parts, you can easily save on SEO-related jobs and do the work within your terms.

95 SEO score with Rank Math
SEO score for this blog post
my snippet text

It’s time that you try it out (all bloggers)

This year you must level up your content and make it SEO friendly and ready to get it crawled in the large index.

If you want to save cost or on a tight budget, the Rank Math is a serious option next to the other SEO plugins.

What any blogger likes is the level of control and the handy guides. 

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