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Sell Your Book on Your Website

Sell your books from your website using Litchmill Direct. Know your customers, keep more revenue, and get the best white label drop shipping. With the ability to ship directly anywhere Worldwide.

What Is Litchmill Direct?

Litchmill Direct enables authors, creators, businesses, and publishers to take advantage of direct-to-consumer sales, combined with the ease and flexibility of print-on-demand. Now available with popular ecommerce and hosting platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce on WordPress, this cutting-edge technology makes fulfillment and supply chain logistics easy for creators. We can not only upload your eBook across the internet on over 10 platforms to over 500 million readers as a Free service, we do take 30% commission on all end sales as payment for the exposure. Allowing you to focus on creating eBooks and we will handle the rest.

Litchmill Direct Integrations


Connect your WordPress site using WooCommerce to the Litchmill Direct dashboard. Connecting books is easy and orders are automatically sent to Litchmill for printing and shipping.


With the Litchmill Direct app for Shopify, you upload book files to your Shopify account to sell through your shop. This is a fully automated experience within your Shopify Dashboard.

Litchmill Print API

Integrate Litchmill’s global print network using the Print API. There are no fees and you pay only to print and ship orders.

Litchmill Direct FAQs

What is Litchmill Direct?

Litchmill Direct connects your Litchmill book and your own website using popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. You’ll have access to 3,000+ book format combinations and the freedom to design your own interior and cover PDFs. When you sell a book using Litchmill Direct, you handle the exchange of funds using your website and pay Litchmill for printing and shipping costs this allows you to sell on your own platform and use our service allowing us to manually upload each eBook and optimise it across multiple platforms to get you maximum amount of sales for FREE.

Why Should I Use Litchmill Direct?

Litchmill Direct is perfect for authors who have a dedicated audience. When you use Litchmill Direct, you keep your readers on your website and you’ll have the opportunity to capture your reader’s email contact information for future marketing efforts. Small businesses and publishers also use Litchmill Direct as part of their web store. Because Litchmill Direct is free to use and connects to popular ecommerce platforms, adding books to your store is simple. This also means not only can you have Litchmill Publishing house supporting the multi vendor sale of your eBooks you can directly sell physical books using ur own platforms and websites.

What Are The Benefits Of Litchmill Direct?

When you use Litchmill Direct to sell your book, customers buy from you directly. You control the price and know exactly how much you’ll earn from every sale. Also, you’ll white label all the receipts; your customers only see you and your brand when they order your book.

As well as this you can sell on your seller dashboard allowing you to confirm if you wish us to take over your marketing process and list on our close of vendors including Amazon to allow you to reach an audience of 500 million + in the matter of weeks – Completely free and we only ever make money on eBook vending on the final sale price which is 30%. of final net income after each platform has taken their independent fees.

Litchmill Direct has offered me freedom and the ability to focus on other business areas by taking the shipping off my hands.

Megan Skinner - Author

Got Questions?

Our team is ready to help. The Lulu Direct Knowledge Base is the best place to start.